Mara Arts & Crafts Souvenir Store is located on an Island called San Andrés, which is northwest of Colombia, in the Caribbean Sea. San Andrés Island is a tropical and earthly paradise of warm breezes, an abundant sea life, and a seven color sea.

The culture of San Andrés is African-American - Anglo-Caribbean, present in its religion, music, architecture, traditions, and the English language spoken by the natives. Their varied roots are due to the advantageous position in the Caribbean, which has allowed the easy economic and cultural exchange with the continent and numerous islands.

San Andrés is a refuge of the new, the native, and the virgin things; you will discover many adventures and magic treasures in its tourist attractions, such as Morgan's Cave, the Blowing Hole, the Cove, the Piscinita, the Big Pond Lagoon, the Hill, San Luis Beach, and the near keys: Johnny Cay, Cotton Cay, Haines Cay, and the Aquarium.

Only 25 minutes away from San Andrés you will be able to enjoy the immense tranquility and inner peace that the island of Providence inspires, better known as Old Providence, where you can enjoy warm waters or go in small boats to Crab Cay, Three Brothers Cay, and Santa Catalina.

In San Andrés Island, you will also be able to practice aquatic sports, such as sunfish, surf, windsurf, Jet Ski, and kite surf.

San Andrés has beautiful coral reefs, where divers discover magnificent and colorful sceneries of flora species and marine fauna. You can also find places to go snorkeling where you will see a variety of fish, rays, corals, and much more.

The sports more practiced by the natives are basketball, baseball, and horse racing, which are usually organized in the south of the island.

But that is not all; here in San Andrés you can find a great variety of arts and crafts made in the island, and also, from each region of our country, Colombia.

Buying our art, which is all handmade, will not only decorate your space or be a great gift for your family and friends, but it will also help preserve our culture and maintain our traditions.

Come, visit us, stay away from common things and take home a wonderful piece of our handicraft work made with love, dedication and quality. Our friendly service will make you feel as if you belonged to our Island.

We also have Island maps, great for your visit while on the island, and makes a great poster on your return home!